I Just Self Published a Book that I Think Other Teens My Age Could Learn From

After over 3 years of fun but hard work, I finally self published a personal finance book for teens. Here is why teens should know what my book teachers…


One of the specific topics that I am passionate about is personal finance. There are many different aspects of personal finance that I find to be interesting. Whether it’s budgeting on different income levels, finding the best ways to gain long term wealth, or even learning advice on colleges and careers, this all comes across interesting to me.

Starting at the age of 14, I decided to write a personal finance book, specifically geared towards teenagers. Not only did I choose to write this book because it forced me to learn more about the subject and write something that I am passionate about, but also I believe that not enough teens are taught personal finance.

Personal Finance shouldn’t be a subject that is taught only primarily to people that are older and fairly well into their careers. I believe that this subject should also be taught towards a younger audience. This should be taught so that these kids not only make wise choices heading into adulthood, but also so they dont make big financial mistakes.

Take credit cards as an example of something that needs to be taught, which I talk about in my book…

To many teenagers and young adults, credit cards may come across as unlimited money. However, teenagers, (and adults) can fall into a trap where they end up spending too much with their credit card, and end of accumulating a large amount of credit card debt that they struggle to pay off later on. It is good to use a credit card and establish good credit. However, you have to remember to not overspend, and make the monthly payments on time!

The title of the chapter that I talked largely about debt is called “Spam and Scams (Yikes!)”. It may be a cheesy title, but hey, I thought it was cute… 🙂

Some other examples of topics that should be taught to a many youngsters like me, is compound interest, budgeting, college, and even investing in assets such as the stock market. Though some teens my already know how to budget, not get into debt, and even how to put money towards certain investment, I believe that many teens aren’t informed on these subjects, and may want to learn this stuff in a fun and understandable way.

If you or a teen you know is interested, here is link to my e-book:

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