List of Possible Bipartisan Compromises

Here are a list of possible bipartisan compromises that I have put some deep thought into. I really think that it is important that our politicians come together and create more bipartisan compromises that are a win-win for both parties. Otherwise, if you think about it analytically, in the long run legislation will likely continue to be repealed and replaced amongst both political parties. If we want there to be anything done long-term, there needs to be more of a push for everyone in congress to come together! 

  •  A gradual increase in minimum wage (as a percentage increase on the current minimum wage of each state) in return for tax credits for businesses that match up to the extra cost of the higher minimum wages that they are forced to pay. The tax credits would be funded by a combination of cuts in spending towards administrative costs and fees for healthcare, and from the increase in tax revenue due to the workers being paid higher wages.

  •  Cuts in spending towards the large costs of unnecessary administrative costs and fees for healthcare, in return for more price ceilings and regulation on the prices of pharmaceutical drugs in the pharmaceutical industry.

  •  More border security in return for a higher intake of immigrants.

  •  A flat increase on the capital gains tax (regardless of the amount earned income from investments) in return for paying off more of the national debt, and more relief towards student loan debt, (especially on loans that are most frequently defaulted on.)

  •  More emphasis and more of an expansion on online k-12 learning, with the money that is saved from more online learning going towards funding normal k-12 education.

  • A carbon tax for businesses that are releasing high amounts of carbon into the atmosphere, and a tax credit for corporations that are reducing their carbon levels, leaving total tax revenue unchanged.

  • More sex education and awareness on how to prevent from getting an STD or becoming pregnant, and leave current abortion and planned parenthood laws the same as they already are.

  •  More background checks and mental health screenings, as well as limitations on the ownership of certain types of guns that statistically lead to the most gun deaths and mass shootings, in return for the protection of many second amendment rights as well as more freedoms to where you can own and carry a gun.

  •  More funding towards correctional education and other programs that are statistically proven to reduce recidivism rates, that could in the long run save money for the government due to the lower recidivism rates and lower crime rates.

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